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Where does your support money go ?
Where does your support money go?

Guruji's submission to the self-assumed job of imparting knowledge, for free to you, at our time cost, deserves support. We are now becoming a serious business as our startups are off the ground. This deep dive into living life consciously, enable us so we can create an extraordinary assisting infrastructure around Guruji. This infrastructure is a startup fund for our own startups. This is the last resource we need to give wings to Guruji's ideas and works. With it, a 10-year journey of Preseed will come to its decade-long goal. This fund will be built out of your support as fees for our perseverance of 10 years towards sharing both, innovation and knowledge. We need to book Rs. 100 crores from the fees you will pay us. All of this money will be used to create that startup fund called - A Guruji's Fund. Thereafter, see the level of far-fetched innovation Guruji will unleash on this unjust world of gullible global citizens, so they are gullible no more.

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Todoed for free
This chrome extension is for everyone in the world who uses browsers to spend their day. however, it's mostly for serious researchers who in their day-to-day research, come across, fact-based words that immediately suggest to Noshow, something that needs to be executed for India shortly.

So they just can simply delight, whenever they find something, Noshow will himself understand, what needs to be added to the future political manifesto of an Indian Opposition Party.

By the way, you can delegate anything to anyone, not just Noshow, using this chrome extension.


"Explore Noshow Insta to get an introduction about Guruji across his words and boundless mindscape in less than 100 posts. This is the shortest path to know him. The story highlights there are important. They include YouTube playlists of his other YouTube channels his other Shishya's have created for him, including Guruji's Hindi channel called Guru Nishchalacharya Ji"

- @shishyamanu

Please pay keen attention on   @noshowinsta guides, if you want gyan from guruji.

We have a space for you.

Explore the altruism of Guruji through Preseed, represented in the order of placements of the above and below. This webpage will someday become, the founder webpage of his #political #party for #triggering #right #debates from what is #left .

Guruji's Action Oriented mind


Mark Zuckerberg is about, break things fast.
Guruji is about, wait, think, fast.

PRESEED Weblab is

Preseed Web Lab is the name we have given to Guruji's mind. His mind has something of great interest to us - His vision for citizens of the world. In that, he has decided to execute more than talk. So, look to stumble upon Guruji's startups to see that vision manifesting through his preseed stage startups, for a journey until 2029. His mind has a natural backdrop made of long-term solutions to complex problems to be solved through a mesh of his startups, for Indian citizens first.

On his mission towards empowering those who have the will to do something out of the ordinary, he has covered some ground. By the way, this is just a start. It is not going to be perfect. It won't please everyone. However, we have decided to dedicate our whole lives to the cause of his meaningful technology entrepreneurship, regardless. is a self-sustainable innovation playground of sorts where some of you inspired ones can build with us web products, upon ideas that aid us in the above-mentioned goals. Some of those goals may truly have the potential to change the world. This is the pitch that formed the goal of conducting these talks. As a result, Chattodo got built and Math Ed Labs got built.

In the laboratory
"Consider Preseed Web lab as my mental laboratory of sorts started merely to run experiments I believe in regardless of their business values and numbers. I look at problems only to solve them, or I won't look at those problems." - Guruji

The grand topics India needs to hear see in action on our Youtube channel, apart from Samadhi and conscientious entrepreneurship:

Social Network

"A social network has power. India owns none. Who is going to talk about it? Who is going to build it? You won't. I know it. So I will"

- Guruji, 2009.

In 2022, the protoype is ready. Why so long? For something to be concientious, understanding of consciousness is fundamnetal. That stuff takes time.

Math Education

"Who is going to talk about the importance of Math Education for becoming vishwa guru? No Math no AI. It pains me to see majority of Indian students are troubled by Maths education". - Guruji.

Our first versions visible here are already in the marketplace.

Women Empowerment

"The culture of women suppression was a truth. So women empowerment has a fine and respectable place in society. The topic of misuse of laws meant to empower women, however, not so fine. WHY? This is important to us and we are laying the ground for this discussion. There is plenty to learn on this front for us and the world. Let's challenge each other's view points for that is the way we have chosen in life. To learn anything amidst the world of narrative by lazy minds on Twitter". - Guruji

Neighborhood Recycling

"As a matter of chance. Will speak about it another day. However, I myself have lived out of recycling things while traveling across Indian Himalayas. Now, I want to do it in my neighborhood in a larger way of sorts". - Guruji

Gyan Yoga


Can all this be done without your support? Think about it, act on it.