"Before Preseed, you had a mere will to do something out of the ordinary. Now you will have a rock solid idea to do".



"early stage STARTUPS"

Work from home

WFH brought to you by Noshow Gurukul from our uncle's farm on the beach, in association with Camp Sand Rush.
WFH is our full service offering to you for stay, food and internet. We charge Rs. 29,999 per month for this programme.

"Preseed Yoga"

 Nothing and everything. So, simply, arrive and tune in.

We are only offering you a space at this price, everything else is not our obligation, just basic alternative in case you couldn't step out to fetch for your needs of day to day.

We will soon add people with skills as permanent residents to our space and in turn, we will build a unique business consulting company residing in Noshow Gururkul called 4c which will service your startups at all levels.
Office space in San Fransisco for this Accelerator program (eventually):
We envision TSF having an office in Silicon Valley, where we will accelerate startups. We are very well positioned in India to get brilliant, handpicked Indian early-stage startups to get baked there. The founders of our handpicked startups will eventually go to Silicon Valley for this Accelerator Program. In the meantime, they will be in India and be accelerated from Silicon Valley by our community of advisors and our manager sitting there, amongst the most progressive startup community. For the office space, if we can have that, we are already building a network there, to send the founders of the startups, who will be ready to be accelerated. If initially, we can't have that space, they can be accelerated from Silicon Valley(by our manager & board of advisors sitting there) while they are in India. Look at our portfolio opportunities, and if you feel there can be future values made out of this & even if one is successful, and you think it's worth your time, then please come on board. Sharing substantial portions of this business with you or anyone you recommend will be our pleasure - we can come on papers almost immediately to have this deal.