Mark any text as a to-do

Clip text from anywhere on the web & (soon) mobile too to mark that text as a todo. Works perfectly with emails, facebook groups, yammer, twitter; absolutely any where on the browser. Use it even for bookmarking web pages.

Make chats more productive and accountable

Being able to use it with facebook messenger has been our own favorite use case of Todoed. It made fb messenger more productive and accountable for us. Todoed will do the same for you too.

Such communicated sentences on chat messengers and emails will hence, get to reach a todo list instantly and seamlessly instead of getting lost in sea of messages exchanged between two coworkers.

Assign tasks and collaborate

Todoed let's you mark any text, any where, any time and delegate it instantly to your coworkers.

Record your own thoughts

Open the browser extension , type and (soon) voice record your thoughts instantly. Todoed to yourself or delegate it in a jiffy.